Published By: JohnQ Public November 8, 2022

Who is JQ Built?

JQ Built was created in 2022 by members of JohnQ Public to test a new and innovative method for delivering community infrastructure. This collaborative team approach provides communities, large, small, rural, or northern a clear process to support the design and construction of important community infrastructure.

 “A high tide raises all boats

JQ Built, builds on the principle that collaboration is key. By working as a team to develop a clear process, pooling our resources and sharing our expertise Local Governments can shorten construction timelines and save taxpayer dollars and ensure communities have the services they need.

Together we can cut through the complex process of construction and project delivery, we can deliver the highest standards – saving time and money.

JQ Built brings everyone to the table – elected leaders, administrators, public works, and planning professionals to share their knowledge and expertise, roll up their sleeves and be part of delivering what our communities need.

In the JQ approach Local Governments are active partners in the process.

With the JQ Build delivery method Local Governments working as a team can:

  • Share administrative capacity & expertise
  • Reduce project risks
  • Get better value for their dollars
  • Reduce project timelines
  • Build better working relationships

First out of the gate – Daycare – 0001

As part of building a strong economy the Province of Manitoba is working with the Federal Government to ensure Manitoba families have access to good quality and affordable childcare in their communities.

JQ Built’s Daycare Pilot Project aims to create a replicable model for the delivery of Daycare facilities for ten communities across southern Manitoba. The JQ Built team has created a delivery model “Daycare in a box” that will be documented and refined to ensure a smooth process that can be used across Manitoba, Canada and beyond.

Toolkits and templates are part of JQ Built’s – Daycare in a box – by blazing trail we can ensure others have a path to follow!

Local Governments are Important Partners

JQ Built recognises Local Governments working as partners are a powerful force in delivering infrastructure and services to communities across Manitoba and supports collaboration between Local Governments, daycare service providers, facility builders, and other experts.

We are stronger together!

JQ Built’s Expedited Delivery Process

JQ Built’s expedited delivery process will leverage the benefits of economies of scale to reduce costs, material waste, project delays, and increase quality. A focus on innovative building solutions including the use prefabrication and hybrid process can further reduce waste, costs, and project time.

Quality is never compromised!

This hybrid construction allows resources the risk of delays and cost overruns. By building multiple sites with the same design and construction method we can ensure the highest standards of quality, each location complies with all codes and standards. Working together we can engage experts to ensure we are doing it right and getting the best value for our communities.

Measure twice – cut once!

First Go Communities

In this Pilot Project, the Local Governments who have agreed to participate will have a lot of heavy lifting to do.

The first go communities will work together to develop a smooth and efficient process and a transportable model that will be shared. The first go communities will identify the blocks and barriers, and find a way to mitigate risk.

Once the Pilot Project is complete the first go communities have agreed to support other communities who want to build important community infrastructure but are not sure where to start!

Paying it forward is part of the JQ Built process!