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JQ Built was created in 2022 by members of JohnQ Public to test a new and innovative method for delivering community infrastructure.

This collaborative team approach provides communities, large, small, rural, or northern a clear process to support the design and construction of important community infrastructure.

JQ Built, builds on the principle that collaboration is key. By working as a team to develop a clear process, pooling our resources and sharing our expertise Local Governments can shorten construction timelines and save taxpayer dollars and ensure communities have the services they need.




We Create Opportunities

Faced with new and emerging challenges, today’s elected leaders are responding by proactively aligning efforts with each other, with other levels of government, administrators, suppliers, business and industry.

Our vision for action anticipates solving problems together where it makes sense, while maintaining our individual autonomy.

This is our platform to drive change. Working together, we can harness all our economies of scale — using public resources in the best way possible, engineering our capacity and increasing our competitiveness while improving the quality of life
for our communities.

We are JohnQ

We deliver services and develop strategic projects across Manitoba to make communities better.

JohnQ was built by Winnipeg Metropolitan Region leaders, led by a Board of Directors from the founding municipalities and informed by an expert business advisory council.

Through JohnQ, municipalities will be able to coordinate services, purchase professionally and secure better value, keeping one eye on today without compromising tomorrow.

We believe we can do better for communities, for our province and for our future, and that’s what we intend to do.

Municipal leadership at the
service of our citizens.

Well Spent

Every dollar wasted is a debt owed to the taxpayer.

We maximize the value of each taxpayer’s investment in our communities by investing well, delivering value and long-term sustainability for each investment. We seek to leverage our assets in the pursuit of the best possible future.

Win Now,
Win Later.

Smart leaders make investments they can
stand behind.

With every purchase, our pursuit of balance considers:

  • Costs and Benefits
  • Risk and Reward
  • Health and Safety
  • and Environmental Impacts.

Each decision improves the short and long term competitive edge or position of the region.

Future is
Not For Sale.

If we compromise on the environment today, we compromise our tomorrow.

As today’s leaders, we can embrace our obligations to future generations – improving the economy and the environment simultaneously.

By planning and working together, we can afford to make better choices for the future of our communities.

By opening ourselves up to new partners and new ideas, we can bring better options from around the world to local government.

Your Voice.

Coordination is more effective than amalgamation.

We can work together and maintain our autonomy; and by utilizing economies of scale, the more we plan, collaborate and work together, the stronger our results will be.

Working together as a region, we will continue to define good stewardship, good governance and good growth.

Cut Once.

Sometimes, doing it yourself costs more and delivers less.

Through the JohnQ team approach we can:

  • Save money through economies of scale;
  • Share our organizational and administrative capacity;
  • Reduce our risks;
  • Shorten timelines;
  • Ensure best value for our communities;
  • Deliver more for all residents of Manitoba.


Successful businesses and industry create solutions, jobs and prosperity.

As part of our team, we work closely with business and industry. With clear specifications, better processes and predictable commitments, we assure our partners that we are open for business.

Working respectfully with suppliers, municipal leaders and industry experts, we can create prosperity in our communities.

It’s not about creating more hoops, it’s about reducing red tape.


You get what you expect.

We expect to find, or create, solutions where everyone wins.

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Municipal leadership at the service of citizens.

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